Strawberry Custard- Just a perfect blend of creams and custards mixed with a new strawberry flavor created just for the Ohmboy line. Bomb.Com Fam 

Blueberry Custard- The same as its brother strawberry, just ya know blueberry 

Mango- Whats to say, it's a delicious Mango with tropical fruit back notes, Crisp and refreshing true mango. 

Headz- Start's off with a Lemonhead candy inhale followed by a mixed fruit exhale. Perfection in a bottle, candy lovers unite! Please note the lemon doesn't taste like household cleaner, sorry! 

Punch- Lets take a quick trip to the tropics for a real fruit punch, start’s with a pineapple and cherry blend then add in a variety of fruits to top it off. This is truly what a tropical fruit punch embodies

Melon Punch- Watermelon Punch Bro! its bomb 

Tropical- Juicy ripe pineapple, mixed with ripe guava with a sweet yellow peach exhale, blended perfectly to no one flavor standing out. 

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