Black - Frosted Flake and Fruity Pebble sprinkles

Blue - The delicious blue raspberry slurpee inhale with a chilly exhale will leave you daydreaming of cooler weather (Not menthol)

Green-  Fresh baked apples smothered in cookie butter

Pink Lemonade- Is the most delicious and refreshing pink lemonade you’ve ever tasted! 

Purple- An amazing grape bubble gum.  For the inner Anarchist in you!

Red- Reminiscent of a strawberry hard candy

Watermelon- An amazing watermelon candy with a hint of juicy gummy.

White- A Delicious Marshmallow Graham Cracker.

Pink- Pink Gummy - a watermelon/strawberry gummy

Orange- A tropical mix of orange, mango, and citrus

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